Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 6th Edition

Monster Reaction Chart
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The monster makes for the nearest table edge as fast as it can and tries to leave the battlefield. The monster will avoid any troops or scenery blocking its way and will attempt to go round them to find an escape route. If attacked, the monster will fight back, but it will not charge of its own volition unless it is forced to do so by a Psychology rule. It will not use any breath or other range weapon. Once it has left the table, the monster will not return.


The monster attacks the nearest target that it can see, favouring enemy if there is a choice of two equally distant targets. It must charge if able to do so, and if unable to charge must move towards the nearest target it can see as fast as possible. Once in close combat it will fight, pursue, etc, normally. It will use any breath or other range weapon to attack the nearest troops if able to do so.


The monster remains steadfastly where it is, guarding the fallen body of its beloved master. The monster will not move but it will face towards and use any breath or similar ranged weapon to attack enemy who approach within range. If the monster is engaged in close combat it will fight, but it will not pursue fleeing enemy. It is unbreakable and immune to Psychology. The monster will remain by its master to the end, faithfully protecting him against harm or capture.

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