Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 6th Edition

Power Dice
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At the start of the Magic phase, the player whose turn it is takes two dice and adds one further dice for each First Level Wizard, two dice for each Second Level Wizard, three dice for each Third Level Wizard, and four dice for each Fourth Level Wizard in his army. Some magic items also add bonus dice. All of these dice are called Power dice. The dice are expended throughout the Magic phase when rolling to cast spells, so it is important that all of the Power dice are placed in a pile directly in front of the player where they can be seen, or alternatively placed into a cup, a box or some other convenient place where they will not get mixed up with other dice used in the game. Alternatively, the players may wish to use different coloured dice to represent Power dice. Fleeing or dead Wizards do not generate Power dice.

LevelNo. of Power Dice
Each First Level Wizard+1
Each Second Level Wizard+2
Each Third Level Wizard+3
Each Fourth Level Wizard+4

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