Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 6th Edition

Miscasts and Irresistible Force
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So far we have seen that spells are cast by rolling a result equal to or more than the required casting score. In addition, there are two special rules that apply to all Wizards when they cast spells: these are Miscasts and Irresistible Force.

When rolling to cast a spell, if the player rolls two or more 1s, the spell is a Miscast. The spell automatically fails to cast regardless of the total result. Something goes horribly wrong. Refer to the Miscast table to discover what horrible fate has befallen your Wizard.

When rolling to cast a spell, any result of two or more natural 6s means that the spell has been cast with Irresistible Force. The spell is cast successfully and the enemy cannot attempt to stop it working, as described below. It cannot be resisted!

As some readers will have realised, the chances of rolling a Miscast or Irresistible force is increased by rolling more dice. Such is the nature of magical power! If a spell Miscasts and is cast with Irresistible Force at the same time (eg, from four dice the player rolls two 1s and two 6s) then the spell counts as a Miscast. Miscasts take precedence in this case.

With Miscasts and Irresistible Force it is the actual dice scores that are considered, irrespective of bonuses and before any re-rolls from magic items are taken. A re-roll cannot cause a spell to be cast with Irresistible Force, nor can it prevent a Miscast.

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