Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 6th Edition

Subsequent Actions of Fleeing Troops
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If they are not destroyed then fleeing units continue to move 2D6" or 3D6" during their subsequent Movement phases. This is their Flee roll. They must attempt to leave the battlefield as quickly as possible, which often means that they will move towards the nearest table edge. This is a 'compulsory move' so fleeing troops are moved before other troops once charges have been declared (see the Movement section). Due to their disorganised formation they ignore penalties for obstacles and terrain (except for impassable terrain).

A unit which is fleeing cannot fight, shoot or use magic - it can only flee. Where there is room, it will move round obstacles that block its path, including units of troops. Fleeing troops will not move within 4" of enemy unless they have no other choice - if they are surrounded, for example.

If any models from a fleeing unit leave the table edge then the entire unit is considered to have left the battlefield and is removed from play. Troops have scattered beyond recovery or have found places to hide themselves until the battle is over.

If enemy troops successfully charge a unit that is already fleeing then the unit automatically flees from the charge. The unit makes its 2D6" or 3D6" Flee roll just like any other unit fleeing from a charge. The charging enemy destroys the fleeing troops if it catches them. If they do not catch the fleeing troops then the charge has failed (see Movement for the rules relating to charges and charge reactions).

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