Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 6th Edition

Combat Results
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Figure 1: In the first example six Empire Knights have charged into 15 Orcs arranged into three ranks of five.

Let us imagine that the Knights inflict 4 wounds, striking down four of the Orcs.

In reply the remaining Orc Warrior inflicts 1 wound and kills a single Knight.

To decide who wins the combat each side adds up the number of wounds it has caused. In this case the Knights score 4 and the Orcs 1. However, the Orcs have +2 from their extra ranks and they outnumber the Knights (Orcs Unit Strength is 11, Knights' Unit Strength is 10), for a final score of 4.

The combat is a draw.

Figure 2: In the second example we've assumed that the remaining Orc warriors have been joined by a unit of 32 Goblins fighting in a formation eight wide and four deep. The Goblins have stormed in from the flank, striking the side of the Knights' formation.

This time the Goblins strike first as they have charged, inflicting one casualty on the Knights. The Knights strike next as their Initiative is higher than that of the Orc Warriors, and they kill three of their enemies. In reply the Orcs inflict a further casualty on the Knights.

To work out which side has won count up the wounds caused by each side. The Orcs and Goblins have caused 2 against the Knights' score of 3. However, the Orcs & Goblins receive a rank bonus of +3 from the Goblin unit. Note that only one bonus is added from ranks, and it is always from the deepest unit participating. In addition the Goblins are making a flank attack and so earn an extra +1 and the Orcs & Goblins outnumber the Knights 40 to 6 (a further +1). The Orcs & Goblins' total is therefore 2 (wounds) + 3 (ranks) + 1 (flank) + 1 (outnumber) = 7 against the Knights' 3. The Orcs & Goblins win by a difference of 4.

Figure 3: In the third example, we assume that the Knights have passed their break test and five Empire Spearmen have charged the Goblins in the flank.

The Spearmen strike first as they have charged, inflicting two casualties on the Goblin unit. The Knights strike next causing one casualty on the Orcs, the Orcs kill one Knight, whilst the Goblins fail to kill any Knights but the models fighting on the flank manage to kill one spearman. The wounds inflicted by each side amount to 3 caused by the Empire and 2 caused by the Orcs & Goblins.

The Orc & Goblin force loses their rank bonus from the Goblins because they have been charged in the flank - nor are there sufficient Orc Warriors remaining to provide an extra rank. Also, the Orcs & Goblin's flank bonus is lost because both sides now have one unit fighting to a flank cancelling each other out. The Orcs & Goblins earn an extra +1 for the outnumber bonus.

The total scores are therefore 3 on each side and the result is a draw!

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