Army of Sylvania
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Von Carsten Vampire Lords
Von Carsten Vampire Counts


1+ Von Carsten Vampire Thralls (may be the army General)
Wight Lords


Dire Wolves (1 Unit may have the Scouts special rule for +1pt/model)
0-2 Bat Swarms
Fell Bats (Does not count towards minimum Core)
Sylvanian Militia
Sylvanian Levy


0-1 Spirit Host
Grave Guard*
0-2 Von Carsten Black Coaches**


0-1 Drakenhof Templars (Black Knights)

* One unit may be upgraded to Drakenhof Guard with hand weapons, great weapons & full plate armour only (+3 pts/model).
** A Von Carstein Black Coach has the same statistics and special rules as the
Black Coach, except that each costs 175 points.

At the start of the game, the army of Sylvania places Grave markers (each about the size of a coin) to represent the location of these burial sites. After table edges have been decided, but before units have been deployed, the Sylvanian player places two Grave markers, plus an additional Grave marker for each Vampire Count or Vampire Lord in the army according to the following rules:

  • No Grave marker may be placed within 6" of another.

  • At least 50% of the Grave markers must be placed in the Sylvania player's table half.

  • No Grave marker may be placed in the opponent's deployment zone.

When all the Grave markers have been placed, the Sylvanian player rolls a Scatter dice for each. If a Hit is rolled, the marker remains where it was placed. If the result is an arrow, the Grave marker moves 2D6" in the direction shown. Grave markers that scatter off the table are lost and have no further effect on the game. The Army of Sylvania player may cast From Death Awakened from each Grave marker during each of his own Magic phases.

The army of Sylvania follows all of the Laws of Undeath, unless stated elsewhere.