Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 6th Edition

Skirmishers (Appendix Seven - Special Rules)
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  1. Skirmishing models in a unit deploy 1" apart from one another.

  2. Skirmishers can move at double their Movement rate in any direction they want and suffer no penalties for moving through difficult terrain or crossing obstacles. If skirmishers move at double pace they may not shoot.

  3. Skirmishers can shoot and charge within a 360° arc. They do not block line of sight for other members of their own unit but do block the line of sight of other units.

  4. Missile fire targeted at skirmishers suffers a -1 to hit penalty.

  5. Skirmishers may charge an enemy unit visible to at least one of its members. Models are moved individually towards their target and arranged into a fighting line. Models unable to reach the enemy are formed up behind the models in the fighting line.

  6. If skirmishers are charged, the enemy is halted once it reaches the closest skirmisher. The skirmishers now form up as described above.

  7. Skirmishers receive no combat bonuses for extra ranks and do not negate an enemy unit's rank bonuses if they charge them in the flank or rear.

  8. A character on foot may join a skirmishing unit.

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