Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 6th Edition

Flying Models (Appendix Seven - Special Rules)
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  1. Flying units operate as skirmishers and obey all the rules that apply to skirmishing troops.

  2. Flying models may fly up to 20" in any direction. Line of sight rules still apply when declaring charges and shooting.

  3. Flying models may move along the ground using their Movement rate and all the normal rules governing movement apply. A flyer may either fly or move on the ground, but cannot combine both in a single turn.

  4. Flying models may ignore movement penalties for changing direction, overflying scenery or crossing obstacles. They may also freely overfly other models, including enemy units. Flying models may not move, land or take off from within a wood or any terrain feature that the players consider would not allow it.

  5. A flyer may declare a charge against an enemy within its 20" move as normal. This aerial move is never doubled during the charge and the charged unit has all the usual charge response options. Note that flyers do cause panic if they charge a unit in the flank or rear that is already engaged in close combat.

  6. Flyer opponents in close combat never gain the Higher Ground combat bonus and never gain the advantage of fighting from behind a defended obstacle.

  7. Flyers always pursue and flee 3D6" unless they are forced to do so on the ground in which case their Movement value will be used to work out how far they move.

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