Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 6th Edition

The Border Princes
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The rules that follow will allow a group of players to fight a simple map-based campaign set in the Border Princes. The Border Princes is a wild territory that lies to the south of the Empire. It has no single ruler, but is instead made up of many petty princedoms each with its own ruler. In truth, many of the 'rulers' are little better than brigands who make a living by extorting tolls from the travellers that pass through their territory, and by raiding and stealing from their neighbours. Many of the Border Princes kingdoms are very short-lived, but there are always new adventurers ready to try and carve themselves out a princedom, exercising what authority they can by sheer force of arms. The Border Princes thus forms a perfect place to set a campaign, as it allows pretty much any army to exist side by side in the same area.

As noted above, this is a map-based campaign. The map is used mainly to show what territories each player controls within their kingdom and is not used to regulate movement or show the location of the players' armies. Instead, each player in the campaign is allowed to arrange battles in pretty much the same manner that they would arrange a normal one-off battle. The difference is that the forces a player can use in his army may be restricted by the territories that he controls, while the outcome of the battle may affect the political situation and determine who controls certain territories on the map. This system allows those taking part to play each other as and when they wish, without obligation to play a set number of games or against any particular opponents. We've found that this very loose format is a great advantage when playing a campaign, as it makes it possible for players to participate on an occasional basis.

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