Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 6th Edition

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Solidly built of stone or brick, walls form the main body of any castle or fortress. In a game of Warhammer, the walls require a rampart that is roughly 50mm (2") wide. With a rampart of this size you will have enough room to line up two rows of troops against each other, and larger models such as Trolls will be able to fit on as well.

A length of wall between two towers is called a wall section. Each section is considered to be a separate target for the purposes of the rules. Very long walls will obviously consist of more than one section.

Wall sections are taken to be roughly 12" (30cm) long. Fortunately most model castles are made of conveniently sized pieces. Games Workshop produces a castle which has exactly the right dimensions for playing siege battles.

Any troops on the walls count as being in hard cover as detailed earlier in this rulebook, so any missile fire against troops on the ramparts suffers a -2 to hit penalty.

Troops on a wall must be placed in single file, which will leave enough room for the attackers to be placed on the wall as well. Note that this is a very important rule! You may place as many models as you wish on the walls as long as they are in a single file. Place any defenders on the wall so that there is roughly a 1" gap between them and the battlements. Any troops assaulting the walls will be placed in this gap facing the defenders.

Positioning Troops on Castle Walls

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