Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 6th Edition

Shooting at the Towers, Walls and Gates
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Each tower, gate and wall section counts as an individual target for any enemy attacks, be they shooting, magic, or physical blows. Note that each gateway is situated in a wall section and these are separate targets.

All hits against towers, gates and walls are resolved by using the Damage charts on page 254.

To find out what damage the attack has caused, simply roll the number of wounds/hits the attack causes and add the Strength of the attack to the result. Consult the Damage chart for the appropriate section of castle to find what result the attack will have. As you will see, only very powerful attacks have a chance of damaging the castle.

For example: A cannonball from an Empire Great Cannon hits a tower. To see how much damage it does, the player rolls a D6 (the number of wounds that the attack normally causes) and adds the Strength of the attack. which is 10 in this case. He then consults the Tower Damage chart.

If the castle is hit by a stone thrower or some similar weapon, the castle and any troops that are under the template are automatically hit if the central hole covers any part of the castle. If the central hole does not cover the castle but other parts of the template do, the castle is hit on a D6 roll of 4+.

In the case of a unit armed with missile troops, count only one hit which the unit causes (the one with the highest Strength).

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