Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 6th Edition

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Rocks are stones small enough for men to pick up and throw. They may be thrown singly, or a whole basket can be tipped onto the attackers. More technically advanced races use machines to drop huge boulders onto their attackers.

Models defending a wall section or tower can drop rocks in their own turn if not engaged in close combat. Rocks are thrown during the Shooting phase and can be used instead of any other missile weapons a model might have. Use the model's basic BS without any modifiers for range. Any enemy unit with models in base contact with the same section of wall or tower may be targeted.

Note that rocks can be used in a Man the Walls! reaction against enemies charging up ladders and ropes. A rock hits with Strength 4, causes 1 wound and has the standard -1 save modifier.

If you are choosing to arm a unit with rocks then all the models in the unit must be equipped with them, otherwise you cannot include any
rocks in that unit at all.

Points cost: 1 point per model.

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