Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 6th Edition

Preparing Your Army for a Siege
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Choosing Your Force

When you are choosing an army for a siege battle simply choose a force from the relevant army list that is of an appropriate points value for each scenario. However, there are some extra restrictions that will apply to the choices from your army list and any scenario you are playing will clearly tell you these.

To choose an army for a siege game, refer to the Siege scenario on page 259-260 and to the relevant Warhammer Army book for your army. Note that you must always follow the normal quotas for army selection and any restrictions given in the Army book will still apply.

Siege Equipment

Siege equipment is a very important part of any siege battle. Both the attacker and defender are allowed to use a number of new items in a siege, which are described below. You may spend any amount of points on siege equipment when taking part in a siege.

Siege equipment is divided between equipment for the besieged force and equipment for the besieging force. Note that you may not have more than one of the following pieces of equipment in a unit: siege towers, log rams and battering rams. You cannot have a log ram and a battering ram in the same unit.

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