Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 6th Edition

Cannons (Appendix Four - Rule of Siege)
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A cannonball is fired over a fairly flat trajectory, unlike a stone thrower's rock which has a more curved trajectory. Because of this, cannonballs will, strangely enough, tend to smash into tall obstacles like castles rather than fly over them! It is, after all, quite difficult to miss a castle.

To represent this, cannons (including organ guns, but not earthshaker cannons or mortars) will always automatically hit castle walls (provided they have sufficient range). The shooter must still roll the Artillery dice to see whether a misfire has occurred.

Cannons may also pack in an extra charge of powder in an attempt to knock the fortress walls down quicker. This gives the cannon +1 to the damage it causes, but there is a risk involved. Stuffing a cannon full of black powder is extremely dangerous. To represent this, the shooter must roll the Artillery dice twice each time he attempts to shoot to determine whether a misfire has occurred.

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