Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 6th Edition

Stone Thrower Misfire Chart
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Destroyed! The engine cannot stand the strain placed upon it and breaks under the tension as it is fired. Bits of wood and metal fly all around, the stone tumbles to the ground splintering the engine and throwing debris into the air. The engine is destroyed and its crew slain or injured. Remove the engine and its crew.


Disabled: The normal smooth running of the machine and its crew is disrupted by some accident or freak occurrence. A rope snaps and lashes about wildly, a crewman sets the machine up wrongly so that it pulls itself apart, or maybe a careless operator has become entangled in the mechanism. The engine does nor shoot this turn and cannot fire next turn either while the damage is repaired. To help you remember, it is a good idea to turn the machine round to face away from the enemy. In addition, one of the crew is slain - caught by a snapping rope, entangled in the machinery, or thrown high into the air in place of the stone!


May not shoot: A minor fault prevents the machine shooting this turn. A crewman drops the stone as he lifts it into position, maybe a ratchet jams or a rope loosens. The machine is unharmed and may shoot as normal next turn.

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