Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 6th Edition

Profiles (Stone Throwers)
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Stone throwers vary in design - some are much bigger than others, whilst some may be positively monstrous! However, most stone throwers use the following profile:

Stone Thrower60"4(8)D6No armour save

Being large, solid devices, stone throwers are difficult to destroy. However, it's possible for them to become the target of other engines of war or they may be attacked by large monsters. Stone throwers therefore have a profile like a creature with a Toughness value and a number of Wounds which they can sustain before they are destroyed. As with other details, these might vary in specific cases, but a typical engine has the values shown here.

The Movement rate is the speed which the stone thrower can move with its full crew - if any crew are slain then its speed is reduced proportionally. A machine cannot move and shoot in the same turn except to turn to face its target. Generally speaking, war machines have such a long range that it is pointless moving them about.

As crew73

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