Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 6th Edition

Cavalry (Units)
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As well as units of warriors fighting on foot, the armies of Warhammer include troops riding horses, giant wolves, and other creatures. The term cavalry refers to riders mounted on horse-sized creatures which have only one wound in their profile. Bigger creatures are referred to as monsters and these have special rules as described later. Cavalry operates much in the same same as an infantry unit, although it moves faster than foot troops, and often the steeds ridden by the riders can fight as well. Rules for cavalry are discussed where appropriate.

A cavalry model is treated in all respects as a single model. Should the rider be slain the entire model is removed from battle. Cavalry models always use the rider's Leadership for all tests that require it. When the model is attacked, it is the rider's Toughness and Wounds that are used. The mount's Toughness, Wounds and Ld are never used, but are included on its profile because these creatures sometimes appear on their own.

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