Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 6th Edition

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Warhammer is an involving game, with many different races, weapons, and endless possibilities. In a game of this size and level of complexity there are bound to be certain occasions where a particular situation lies outside the rules as they are written. This is inevitable, as it would be impossible to cover every circumstance without writing many hundreds, if not thousands, of pages of dull and pedantic text. Warhammer players should feel free to improvise where necessary, resolving situations in a friendly and mutually agreeable manner, and evolving the game far beyond the published rules if they wish.

When you come across a situation in a battle that is not covered fully by the rulebook, be prepared to interpret a rule or come up with a suitable rule for yourselves.

When a situation of contention arises, players should agree on a fair and reasonable solution and get on with the game as quickly as possible. The most common way of resolving any disputes is for both players to roll a D6 to see whose interpretation applies in that instance.

After the game has finished, sit down and discuss what happened with your opponent and see if you can both reach an agreement incase the same situation ever arises again. Remember, you're playing to enjoy a challenging battle with friends, where the spirit of the game is more important than winning at any cost.

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