The Eagle's Cry
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Spell Level 2Cast on 6+

This spell can be cast on an enemy cavalry unit, swarm, chariot or a single ridden or unridden monster which is within 24" of the caster and which is not engaged in close combat. If successful, the creatures become momentarily wild and uncontrollable.

The affected unit must take an immediate Leadership test. If passed, the unit suffers a -1 Movement penalty during their next Movement phase (-2" if it marches or charges). The Movement of flyers is reduced to 12". If failed, the unit/monster immediately makes a compulsory move of 2D6" directly towards its own side's table edge, but halts if this move brings it into contact with a friendly unit, impassable terrain, or within 1" of any enemy. If the unit moves off the tabletop, it counts as having fled the battle.