Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 6th Edition

Close Combat (Skirmishers)
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A unit of skirmishers may charge an enemy that is visible to at least one of its models when charges are declared. To decide which side of the enemy is charged, follow the normal rules: the skirmishers will charge the enemy in the arc where most of the skirmishers are when the charge is declared. All models within charge reach are moved individually towards their foe and arranged into a fighting line.

Most of the charging models are in the enemy's front arc. This is a frontal charge. All the skirmishers are within charge distance.

When the maximum number of models has been brought into base-to-base contact with the side charged (including models fighting corner-to-corner), remaining skirmishers will begin to form up in ranks behind the first line of models in base contact with the enemy.

Any models unable to reach the enemy (because they don't have enough movement or because there is no space left in the fighting line) are placed in the rear ranks so that the unit forms up in what looks like a regular formation behind the models that have formed the fighting line.

Most of the charging models are in the enemy's front arc. This is a frontal charge, even if the closest models are in the flank arc of the target unit. Only three models are within charge distance of the enemy's front.

If the skirmishers are charged, the enemy is brought into base contact with the closest skirmisher and then the enemy unit is halted. The enemy is not aligned against the skirmishing model. The skirmishers form up as explained above and the enemy will proceed with further charges. Charging enemy models attack first in the ensuing Close Combat phase as normal.

All the skirmishers are within double race distance of the front line of the enemy.

Skirmishers will remain in this formation as long as the combat continues, and adopt the loose formation as soon as combat ends.

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