Waaagh! Miscast Table
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The caster's head explodes in an incandescent ball of Waaagh! energy and he is killed outright. Any models in base contact suffer 1 Strength 10 hit.


The greenskin is wracked by rampant Waaagh! power. He loses control and is thrown about wildly, convulsing, gibbering and slavering. Until he can roll a 6 at the start of any succeeding turn he behaves like a loose Squig in the Compulsory Movement phase (though he will not attack). Although he cannot cast spells or use magic items he still contributes dice to the Power and Dispel piles.


The caster's body erupts from within with malodorous green Waaagh! energy. He sustains D6 Strength 5 hits with no armour saves.


The caster's Magic Level is reduced by -1 and he may not use that spell again in this battle. If his Level was 1 to start with then he can cast no more spells at all.


The caster's mind is so befuddled by the dazzling Waaaghness of it all that he forgets one of his spells. Randomly select a spell - the caster cannot use that spell for the rest of the battle.


The Waaagh! power coursing through the greenskin's tortured brain pushes his mental capacity to a fever pitch of Waaaghness. The greenie immediately casts the spell he was attempting and it is cast with Irresistible Force. After he has cast his spell roll again on this chart making multiple rolls for fleeing units and choosing the lowest score as normal: if you roll this result again then cast another spell (or even the same one again) in the same fashion. This is also cast with Irresistible Force. Keep on going. Good luck!

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