Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 6th Edition

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Work out each combat one at a time - resolve the fighting for all of the troops involved in one combat before moving on to the next combat.

A combat is often a fight between a single unit of troops from each side, but it is possible that several units, monsters and Heroes may become involved. In the case of several combats being fought at once, the player whose turn it is determines the order combats are resolved.

So long as fighting units are interconnected, they are participating in the same combat. All the combat results for such a combat are worked out at the same time.

On this part of the battlefield there are three separate combats: one between two units and an Empire Hero on the left; a huge fight between two units of Empire troops, two units of Goblins and an Orc Chariot below; and a combat between two opposing units, an Orc Wyvern Rider and the crew of an Empire Great Cannon on the right.

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