Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 6th Edition

Issuing A Challenge
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One challenge can be issued in each combat that is being fought. For each combat, start with the player whose turn it is. The player chooses one character model from those fighting to issue a challenge with.

The second player has the option of refusing or meeting a challenge. If he refuses then no challenge takes place, and the refusing player must retire a character from the combat as described below. The challenger fights normally in the following combat. If the challenge is accepted, the player selects one of his characters from those already fighting in the combat to take up the challenge.

If the player whose turn it is does not issue a challenge then his opponent may issue one himself. The other player may then accept or decline in the same way. However, note that a challenge cannot be issued unless there is a character to fight - ordinary troopers or monsters cannot take up a challenge.

Note that in order to participate in a challenge, either to issue it or to meet it, a character must be fighting in combat already. This means that the model must actually be positioned base-to-base against an enemy model. A character who is not already fighting, for example because he is in the front of a formation which has been attacked in the rear, cannot take part in a challenge.

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