Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 6th Edition

Independent Characters Joining Units
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Independent characters can move and fight on their own. In effect, a character counts as an individual unit comprising of only one model. However, during the course of a battle, a character is allowed to join a friendly unit of ordinary troops, in which case he becomes part of that unit until he decides to leave it.

To join a unit of troops, a character has only to move so that he is touching it. Once he has joined the unit, the model is automatically placed in its front rank. Note that a character will inevitably use up a proportion of his move to reach the unit he is joining. If the unit has not already moved then its further movement is limited to that fraction remaining to the character. Any movement lost represents time wasted waiting for the character.

If there is no room for the character in the front rank of the formation (because the Standard Bearer, Musician and Champion take up all the available positions, for example), he is placed in the second rank of the unit. As long as the character remains in the back ranks he cannot fight (even with a spear), use magic or magic items, nor can the unit use his Leadership value for tests. In effect, he is out of the game. Only if the character is engaged in close combat (via a flank or rear charge, for example) can he fight back normally.

Characters may not join units which are in close combat, although they may obviously join the battle by charging their enemies (if allowed to by normal circumstances). Characters may not join a fleeing unit.

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