Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 6th Edition

Characters and Line of Sight
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Characters on foot are able to move and see freely and can therefore see, charge and shoot 360° around themselves.

However, if a character is mounted on a steed such as a horse, in a chariot or rides a monster like a Griffon, he must follow all the normal rules for Line of Sight (ie, the character has a 90° arc of sight). He muse also still be able to see his enemy when charges are declared. Just like other troops, he cannot dash round the side of a unit to charge it in the rear if he begins his move in front of it. Also, such a character (whether be is riding in a chariot, on a steed or a monster) must take into account penalties for terrain as normal. This is because a mounted character is not as manoeuvrable as a character on foot.

Characters on foot who have 5 or more Wounds in their original profile also have to follow the normal rules for arc of sight (see above). This is because these characters are so massive and cumbersome.

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