Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 6th Edition

And Finally...
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This section includes many suggestions and ideas rather than reams of hard and fast rules. This is simple because it is impossible for us to imagine what kind of scenery you have available or might wish to construct. Ambitious players might want to construct a whole townscape of temples and palaces, sorcerer's towers, public squares and who knows what! Rules for castles, keeps and towers rules discussed in the Siege section.

If you make your own buildings, you will no doubt want to incorporate interesting features such as spiral stairways, sweeping bridges, gatehouses, drawbridges and so on. For example, a winding staircase could take half a turn to climb or a turn if it is very long, or a narrow corridor could allow passage to only four models per turn. Such matters are left to players to determine as they feel appropriate.

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