Halting the Horde
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When led by the Lord of the End Times or his lieutenant, Archon's Horde is very different to a normal Warhammer army. Such is the number of the warriors in Archaon's army that defenders find themselves vastly outmatched. Use the following rules when attempting to halt the tide. Note that these rules can easily be adapted to accommodate any other race, so if you fancy expanding your force, fielding all your troops at once, or simply taking on a challenge, just change the race that is attacking.

  • In this special variant of the Pitched Battle scenario, the Horde always has twice the amount of points as the opponent's army. So in a 2,000 point game, the player using Archon's Horde will have 4,000 points to spend, subject to the usual restrictions.

  • When playing Halting the Tide, Archon's Horde must be led either by Archon himself or Crom the Conqueror.

  • Those defending against the Horde are prepared to die and so are Immune to Panic.

  • Forewarned of such a massive army's approach, the player defending against the Horde always goes first.

  • The game lasts for seven turns.

  • Archaon and Crom each count as a single Lord choice when fielded in a Halting the Tide scenario. However, when using Archon's Horde in this manner you may only take the number of Hero and Lord choices available to your opponent.

  • Marauders and Marauder Horsemen automatically gain the Mark of Chaos Undivided.

Victory Conditions

Calculate Victory Points for destroyed attacking units and attacking units reduced to below half strength, but nothing else.

Points Accumulated

Final Result

If the result is one and a half times the starting points value of the defenders or more.

The defenders win a glorious victory, tearing the heart out of the Chaos advance.

If it is equal to or more than the starting points value of the defenders.

The defenders win, even if they were wiped out.

If it is between the starting points value of the defenders and half of their starting points value.

The game results in a draw.

If it is less than half the starting points value of the defenders.

The attacking forces score a solid victory.