Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 6th Edition

How the Lists are Organised
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The Warhammer Army books that go with this rulebook are entirely new. The army lists they contain are quite different in detail to earlier versions published for previous editions of this game. It is therefore worth explaining how these work for the benefit of veteran and beginner players alike.

The army lists in each of the Army books are divided into four basic sections: characters, core troops, special troops and rare troops.

Characters represent individual character models. In the case of the Orcs these are the most able, brutal and successful individuals in your army. Amongst them are included extraordinary leaders such as Big Bosses and sorcerous Shamans.

Core troops represent the most common warriors in the army. These usually form the bulk of the army and will often bear the brunt of the fighting. Every army has to include at least some core units.

Special troops are the best of the army's warriors, as well as certain war machines or chariots. These are available in limited numbers.

Rare troops are so called because they are scarce compared to ordinary warriors. This category includes uncommon monsters, unusual war machines and unique units of extraordinary troops.

In as far as it is practical, you will find that the core troops, the ones you will need most of, are available in the form of plastic kits. This enables you to build up a force of core troops relatively cheaply. Special and rare troops are available only as metal models, but their individual fighting worth is greater than that of core troops so fewer are needed to match a specific points value. Rare troops include many of the especially large, spectacular and effective pieces. In the case of the Orc army this category includes Giants, for example. Such models are relatively expensive and require expert assembly and painting, as is reflected by their high points value and status as rare troops.

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