Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 6th Edition

Knocked Down
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A warrior who has been knocked down falls to the ground either because of a jarring blow, because he has slipped, or because he has thrown himself to the ground to avoid injury. Turn the model face up to show that he has been knocked down.

Knocked down models may crawl 2" during the Movement phase, but may not fight in close combat, shoot or cast spells.

If he is in base-to-base contact with an enemy, a knocked down model can crawl 2" away only if the enemy is engaged in close combat with another opponent, otherwise he has to stay where he is. In combat, he cannot strike back and the enemy will have a good chance of putting him out of action.

A warrior who has been knocked down may stand up at the start of his next turn. In that turn he may move at half rate, shoot and cast spells, though he cannot charge or run. If he is engaged in close combat, he may not move away and will automatically strike last, irrespective of weapons or Initiative. After this turn, the fighter moves and fights normally, even though he has no wounds left. If the model takes any further wounds, then roll for injury once more, exactly as if the model had just sustained its last wound.

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