Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 6th Edition

Jumping Over Gaps
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Models may jump over gaps (up to a maximum of 3") and streets, (eg, from the roof of one building to another).

Jumping Down: The Orc runs/charges from the top of a building, jumping down during the move. It moves 3" to reach the edge, then jumps down and has to see whether it can safely make it to the ground. As it has to jump down 5", it must pass two Initiative tests to avoid taking D3 S5 hits. If it fails it will stop its move at the bottom of the wall (if it is not taken out of action). If it passes both tests, it can continue its run/charge and move the remaining 7".

Deduct the distance jumped from the model's movement but remember that you cannot measure the distance before your model jumps. If your model does not have enough movement to jump the distance, it automatically falls. If your model is able to cover the distance, it must pass an Initiative test first or will fall. A model is able to jump over a gap and still fire a missile weapon if it is not running. It may also jump as part of its charge or running move.

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