Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 6th Edition

Charge! (Appendix Three - Warhammer Skirmish)
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If you want a model to engage the enemy in close combat then you must make a special move called a charge. Without measuring the distance, declare that your model is charging and indicate which enemy model he is going to attack. You can charge any opposing model if you can draw an unobstructed line from your model to the target. If your warrior wants to charge an enemy model within 4" that he can't see (eg, it is behind a corner) but has not been declared as hidden, he must pass an Initiative test to detect it. If he fails the roll, your model may not charge this turn, but can move his normal distance, shoot and cast spells.

A charge is like a running move and is performed at double the model's Movement rate, but ends with the attacker moving by the most direct route into base contact with an enemy model. Once their bases are touching they are engaged in close combat.

Models are also considered to be in close combat even when separated by a low wall or obstacle, where it is impossible for bases to physically touch because the obstacle is in the way.

A model may charge any model within its charge range as long as there is no enemy model who is not in combat within 2" of the charge route (see diagram). It will undoubtedly be intercepted if it tries to run past the enemy.

In this situation, move the intercepting model into the charge path and the charging model then engages the intercepting model instead of his original target. The charging model still counts as charging when determining the strike order, weapon bonuses, etc.

Intercepting a Charge: Top: Interception area. Middle: C can intercept A while he is charging B because he is within intercept distance. Bottom: C cannot intercept A while he is charging B because he is too far away.

Sometimes a charging warrior may not reach the enemy because you have miscalculated the distance. If this happens, move your warrior his normal Move distance towards the enemy. This is called a failed charge. The model cannot shoot in the same turn in which he failed a charge, but he can cast spells as normal.

Models cannot be moved into close combat except by charging - any move that brings a warrior into close combat is a charge by definition.

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