Source: Warhammer Fantasy: 6th Edition

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Some players have been known to exploit the rules by intentionally clipping a corner of the target unit in order to have just a few models fighting and thus gaining some kind of unfair advantage. Situations like this are unrealistic and should be avoided whenever possible by applying a bit of common sense.

Unfortunately sometimes 'clipping' is completely unavoidable. This can happen when the units are far apart, exactly at the maximum charge distance of the chargers (Fig. 1). This situation will make it impossible for the chargers to wheel, because any wheel would mean that they fail the charge. Therefore they will have to charge directly forward. Funnily enough, a very similar situation can occur when the units are too close and the charging unit cannot physically wheel enough to bring the maximum number of models in combat (Fig. 2).

Fig. 1 - The charging unit has a charge move of 8" and is exactly 8" away from the target unit. There is not enough movement for a wheel and the charge results in a case of 'clipping'.
Fig. 1a - (Left) Result of the charge if you apply the rules to the letter. (Right) The perfect solution players should aspire to.
Fig. 2 - The charging unit is too close to the target; another case of 'clipping'.
Fig. 2a - (Left) Result of the charge if you apply the rules to the letter. (Right) The perfect solution players should aspire to.

In these extreme situations you have to live with the clipping and continue with the game. Feel free to agree with your opponent upon any gentlemanly solution which could avoid situations like the ones in Fig. 1 and Fig. 2. You could choose to allow a diagonal charge, to allow the chargers some extra movement to wheel and bring more models into contact with the enemy, or slide the chargers sideways to bring more models in to the fight. All these systems are not technically allowed by the letter of the rules, but if both players agree to use any of them, the game will benefit in realism and fun (you get to roll lots more dice as well).

The important thing to understand when you come across these sorts of situation is that clipping is an evil and a very wrong thing to do and every effort should be made to avoid it!

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